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Band Booster Newsletter



Dear Band Family,

We had a successful Painting with a Purpose over the weekend.  Thank to those that joined us and many thanks to Sarah Beth Banning, local artist and Booster Executive Board Member, for leading us!


Thanks for everyone that contributed to a fun senior recognition night at our last home game.  It's hard to believe this was the last time or some of our members to march on the home field for the last time.  


Please continue to check our available spots in our middle school basketball concessions.  This is where the band get the best return on time, money, and effort.....and the time and effort is very minimal.  Please sign up for a 1.5 hour slot to help us raise money to feed the kids and provide some "extras" for their hard work.


Keep selling the bread and cookies!  Remember there are a lot of holiday events coming up and you can show up with these easy-to-cook (AND YUMMY) items.  Send the link (https://store.myfundraisingplace.com/1ac334f2-6821-447a-9d91-779af77456c2) out to local family and friends or go door-to-door.  A board member (whom had sold these products before) reports that people from her previous community heard we were selling these items and ordered some.  They taste great and YOU CAN FREEZE them!


Please join us for the general meeting of the Band Booster Club THIS Tuesday, (11/12) at 6:30 in the band hall. Be a part of something great!


Go Band!


Your Band Booster Club